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Custom Lathe Cut Parts

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Assortment of custom lathe cut parts

Archer Advanced Rubber Components is a premier manufacturer of precision lathe cut seals and gaskets. We custom manufacture these products in a diverse combination of polymers, sizes, and colors. Most polymers that we use have hardness that ranges from 40 to 90 Shore A durometer. Additionally, we can also custom formulate a material to optimize your exact application. Parts are lathe-cut from ASTM/SAE/ZZR-765 compounds, SAE J1603 materials, FDA white list ingredients, and other specialty grade materials.

Custom Innovation: Learn the advantages of lathe cut seals vs. o-rings.

We specialize in producing cylindrical rubber tubes with precision ground surface finishes. Initially, the tubing is vulcanized in a high-pressure autoclave, which uses a precision mandrel to form the inside diameter. Once the tube is cured, the product is ground on specialized lathe-type grinding machines. This operation finalizes the outside diameter (OD) or wall thickness to the proper specification. The desired cut thickness is achieved by using a specialized carbide cutting tool on computer controlled automatic cutting machines.

Through CNC and CAD programming capabilities, Archer Advanced Rubber Components meets your prototype to high volume production requirements efficiently. Our normal turnaround is 4 weeks. If required, emergency or rush services are also available. Belts, coupling gaskets, garden sprayers, and parts used in fuel containment systems are some typical products we manufacture.

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Precision Coated lathe cut seals
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Precision lathe cuts
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Printed lathe cut seals and gaskets
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Precision pinstriped lathe cut seals and gaskets


Turning Processes • Cutting
• Grinding
• Curing
Part Diameter • 0.050" to 30"
• 1.27 mm to 762 mm
Lead Times Available   • Max 4 weeks
• Quoted on job by job basis
• Rush Services Available
Tolerances 0.003"
Hardness 40 to 90 Shore A durometer
Intended Applications
• Belts
• Brake Caliper Seals
• Coupling Gaskets
• Electrical Insulators
• Element Sealing Gaskets
• Fuel Containment Systems
• Garden Sprayers
Equipment Capabilities • CNC Control Capabilities
• CAM Programming Services
Lathe Cut Process Advantages

• Close Tolerance Products

• Virtually Unlimited OD / ID / CUT  Combinations

• No Expensive Molds - Very Low Tooling Costs

• Size Flexibility

• Economical High Volume Capability

• High Material Yields

• Design Changes Easily Made

• Maximum Cost - Performance Benefits

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Materials (Non Metals)  
• Buna-N
• Butyl
• Natural Rubber
• Neoprene
• Nitrile
• Polyisoprene
• Silicone
• Sponge
• Viton
Specialty Grade Materials  
• FDA White list ingredients
• ASTM/SAE/ZZR-765  Compounds
• SAE J1603 Materials
• NSF 61
• USP Class VI
Material Form   •Solid
Secondary Services Offered  
• Consulting
• Laminating
• Packaging
• Perforating
• Printing
  • Logos
  • Part Numbers
Production Run   • Prototyping to High Volume
• Any Large, Small, or Miniature Part
Value Added Services   • Design
• Custom Compounding and Colors
Design Considerations  

• Type of Fluid the Product will Encounter

• System Pressure Requirements

• Design Temperature Requirements

Duration at Design Temperature

Product Design Life

Design Factors  

• Static or Dynamic Sealing Requirements

• Gland Dimensions

• Installation Requirements   (Manual or Automated Assembly)

• Direction of Pressure         (Internal or External)

• Compression (Squeeze) Requirements

• Volume / Void Ratio

• Sealing Gap Clearance

• Tolerance Stack-Up

• Closure Force Requirements

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Additional Information

Industry Focus  
• Agricultural
• Appliances
• Automotive Aftermarket
• Chemical
• Dental
• Fluid Handling
• Food
• Lawn & Garden
• Marine
• Medical
• Military
• Fuel Containment
• Electrical/Electronics
• Communication
• Furniture
• Heating/Air Conditioning
• Industrial
• Plumbing
• Valves/Regulators
Industry Standards  
• ISO 9001
• Mil-Spec
• RMA (Rubber Manufacturers Association)
• RoHS Compliant
File Formats  
• Inventor (IDW, IPT)
• Pro-E or Pro/Engineer (DRW,PRT,XPR)
Efficiency   Six Sigma Certification
  • Two Black Belt Certified Employees on Staff
Lean Manufacturing Practices Followed

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