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Custom Rubber Gaskets

Case Study:

Manufacture of Custom Sealing Precision Gasket for Plastic Injection Mold Tooling

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Custom Sealing Precision Gasket for
Injection Mold Tooling

Problem: A plastic injection molding company had an issue with parallelism caused by an old molding process that involved old tooling, leading to problems with sealing capabilities on parts they were manufactured. To replace the tooling would have cost the company well into 6 figures; so, instead, our engineers assisted with the customer design to provide a better sealing solution.

Solution: Archer Advanced Rubber engineering provided support to the customer for a precision gasket utilizing custom compounding of materials, and appropriate dimensional tolerances, which compensated for the aged tool while at the same time providing an excellent sealing surface for their parts. This not only saved our customer money, but improved their process significantly and created a better product for our customer to offer to the end user.

Let us be your custom manufacturing house for custom rubber gaskets.

Project Highlights

Product Description This sealing solution was engineered to solve a parallelism issue within an injection mold tool.
Capabilities Applied/Processes Engineering & Customer Design Assistance
  • Support for a Precision Gasket with a Custom Compound Material
  • Established appropriate Dimensional Tolerances
Lathe Turning
Overall Part Dimensions   Material Thickness: .125"
Tightest Tolerances ±.010
Material Used Low Swell Nitrile /BUNA/NBR
  • 60 Durometer
Color Black
In process testing performed 100% Inspection
Industry for Use Injection Molding
Packaging Corrugated Box
Volume 300,000 Annually
Delivery Time 4-6 Weeks After Receipt of Order (ARO)
Delivery Location Alabama
Standards Met RMA Class 2
Product Name Custom Gasket