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Die Cut Rubber Process

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A number of die cutting methods can be used in the production of washers or gaskets in rubber or rubber-containing materials.

Typically, punching the product from a sheet material is the most common process employed. Once the part geometry is determined, a die is created to match the shape of the desired gasket. The die is affixed to a stamping press where it cuts the seal from a pre-fabricated flexible material.

Having all custom die cut parts set to the correct settings is paramount to the process outputs.

One should take special care to insure that any minimum radial dimension exceeds the thickness specified, as this is a very important design consideration. This is particularly true with thin materials (up to 1.5 mm thick where the ratio should in the area of 3 or 4/1). Additionally, avoid placement of bolt holes near the gasket's boundaries or to adjacent cut-outs.

Archer has automated, high speed presses ideally suited to high volume production, as well as manual presses which can be used for prototype development or lower volume requirements.

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