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The Archer Advantage

We excel as a custom rubber products manufacturer through the following four value areas:

Benefits | Basics | Investments | Technical Team

ARCHER process benefits:
Unlimited OD/ID/CUT Combinations
  • Design changes easily made
  • Custom Compounding and colors
  • High Volume Capability
  • Close Tolerances
  • Virtually unlimited OD/ID/CUT combinations
  • Extremely high process yields
  • Any size/Any shape
  • Large
  • Small
  • Round
  • Miniature
  • Hexagonal
  • Square
  • Shapes
  • Tubing, Multiple ID
  • Spliced Rings and profiles
  • Solid or Sponge

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ARCHER basics:
Any Size or Shape Extrusions
  • Is your one stop shop for all your rubber needs
  • Provides fast lead times
  • Has the ability to stock materials
  • Offers customizable packaging
  • Has competitive tooling costs

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ARCHER has recently invested in:
High Volume Capacity
  • Non contact measurement capabilities
  • CNC Grinding and Cutting Machines
  • Improved chilled Water System
  • 3 new Extrusion Lines
  • High Speed Cutting Equipment
  • ERP System
  • Advanced die cutting and profile extrusion processes

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Technical Team
Quality Craftsmanship

Today's rigorous business environment requires the utmost in product performance, while always maximizing the cost - benefit ratio. The engineers at ARCHER have had over 20 years of experience doing just that. When producing a new seal or enhancing the performance of an existing product, several considerations that are specific to elastomers must be considered.

  • Type of fluid the product will encounter
  • System pressure requirements
  •  Temperature requirements
  • Duration at temperature
  • Product life

All of these parameters will dictate the proper material to use in an application. Once an ARCHER compound has been selected, the optimum seal geometry is determined. The factors for geometry are:

  • Static or dynamics sealing requirements
  • Gland Dimensions
  • Installation requirements (manual or automated assembly)
  • Direction of pressure (internal or external)
  • Compression (Squeeze) requirements
  • Volume/ Void ratio
  • Sealing gap clearance
  • Tolerance stack-up
  • Closure force requirements

Needless to say there is truly a science to proper seal engineering. We can help!

Contact us via email or phone. We are here to help you be successful!

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