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Case Study: CNC Turned Custom Silicone Part Creation for Failing Steam Relief Valve Seal

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CNC Turning of Silicone Stem Relief Valve

Problem: A manufacturer was having problems with their steam relief valves failing in the field due to high heat. We began by testing the material they had been using, we concluded the issue they were having was due to varying tolerances of the parts and using a material that was not designed for steam.

Solution: After rigorous research and development, we were able to provide them with a highly engineered, steam resistant, and precision tolerance silicone part that solved the problem and saved them thousands of dollars and headaches!

Let us be your custom manufacturing house for silicone rubber parts.

Project Highlights

Product Description This Silicone Steam Relief Valve Seal is used within a Water Heater Application
Capabilities Applied/Processes Engineering Assistance
  • Customer Re-Designed from Scratch
  • Research & Development
  • Engineered Through Tensile, Elongation & Volume of Density Changes Until there was no Degradation of the Rubber Seal
Precision CNC Turning
Overall Part Dimensions   Thickness: <.100"
Tightest Tolerances ±.003"
Shrinkage Allowance <5%
Material Used Silicone
Temperature Range -50ªF to 450ªF w/ Steam
Material Finish F1
Color Red
In process testing performed 100% Inspection
Industry for Use Residential
Packaging Corrugated Box
  • Talc Added to Reduce Parts from Sticking Together
Volume Millions
Delivery Time Same Day & Next Day Capability
Delivery Location United States
Standards Met Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing
ISO Testing
CSA Board & NSF Approval
Product Name Steam Relief Valve Seal